Geospatial Services

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Our geospatial service offerings are the core of all we do and provide the foundation for our Mapping and Cartography and 3D Modeling and Visualization serves as well. A strong comprehension of spatial data combined with our experience and expertise in analytical methods transform information into meaningful insight.

In the era of big data, knowledge is power. We understand that robust analytics coupled with defensible results are paramount to our clients’ missions. We know that easy and efficient access to those data are critical to supporting the success of our clients’ operations or enhancing their guest or customer experience. ELEV8’s extensive experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) enables us to deliver credible, data-driven results and develop solutions that support the success of our clients. We integrate all forms of data with client infrastructure, assets and other spatial entities to develop information-rich databases that inform the decision-making process and help our clients realize their project objectives.

Our GIS services are applied in a range of industries for a host of clientele, from private enterprise to Federal, State, Local and County agencies. Our work facilitates planning and design exercises, environmental reviews and assessments, predictive modeling techniques, resource analysis and more. ELEV8’s suite of Geospatial Services include:

Spatial Analysis & Modeling

  • Site Suitability Modeling
  • Least Cost Path Modeling
  • Habitat Modeling
  • Fire Behavior Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Raster Analysis
  • Change Detection Analysis
  • Volumetric Analysis

Data Acquisition & Management

  • Database Design & Development
  • Data Collection, Conversion & Digitization
  • Asset Inventories & Management
  • LIDAR, Multispectral & Hyperspectral Data Acquisition

Remote Sensing & Image Classification

NEPA Analysis & Support

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